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The difference a professional setup can make for your podcast’s quality is something your listeners will immediately notice. Outfitting your studio with some of the industry’s best equipment get’s pretty expensive, which is why we opened our recording studio to the public in the first place! We understand just how important sound quality can be for your podcast and below you will find a sample of the equipment our studio uses.

Our Microphones

The main microphone that we use for recording is the Shure SM7B, a professional quality studio microphone with great sound quality that is used by many professional podcasters, Youtubers, and radio hosts.


We run those mics into a RØDECaster Pro, which is an audio mixer with some great additional features that make it ideal for podcasting. In addition to volume controls for each microphone and 4 headphone outputs, it also has built-in audio enhancers, Bluetooth connectivity for phone calls, buttons that play pre-programmed jingles and sound effects, the ability to record multi-track audio files, and much more. A lot of professional recording setups use a traditional audio mixer along with additional equipment like an audio interface and headphone amplifier, but the RØDECaster Pro essentially combines all of those items into an all-in-one package that’s great for podcasters.

Video Recording

For video projects, we use both the Panasonic HMC-150 and Sony XA-30 camcorders. The HMC-150 offers better picture quality and more control, while the XA-30 is more compact and easier to use on the go, while also being more than sufficient for simpler projects like a video podcast. And for remote video podcasts (via Skype, Zoom, etc.) we have the ability to connect the camcorder to a computer and use that as the video source for your call, which gives you much better picture quality than you would get using a built-in webcam.

This is just a basic overview of the equipment and recording options we have available in our studio and we would be glad to go over any questions you have about podcasting in general, or next steps in starting your own podcast!

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